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Personnel shortages as well as rigid company structures have led to the prevalence of the so-called “open innovation” approach–the outsourcing of research and development activities to external partners. Irrespective of this, at the same time, the interest must be gauged of large companies in innovations which are unconventionally promoted by start-up companies. In this regard, Berlin represents one of the most in-demand and most active locations for business start-ups in Europe. s2m has access to a top-class and broad-based relationship network, both nationally as well as internationally–in science as well as also business–particularly in industry as well as politics.

In this regard, the focus of the business activities is on the technical-academic environment–particularly on the Technical University of Berlin, the Deutschen Akademie für Technikwissenschaften [German Academy for Technical Sciences] (acatech) as well as, upon the European level, the Euro-CASE (European Council of Applied Sciences and Engineering), but also on large research organizations such as the Fraunhofer, Max-Planck, and Helmholtz Institutes or the Leibniz Society.

Through the merger of the supplemental competences upon the national and international levels and the accompanying support of the R&D process, synergies are created and potential tapped.

In this regard, our services can include the following:

  • Simple technical consulting,
  • The conveyance of knowledge and technical application,
  • The establishment of a cooperative collaboration extending to the licensing and/or the complete acquisition of intellectual property (IP) and thus the complete transfer of technological know-how

Innovationsnetzwerk Innometis

Innovationsnetzwerk Innometis

So far, s2m has practiced technology transfer in a traditional way. Connections between science and business are created based on personal relationships. Thanks to its many years of experience and activity in the field of technology transfer, s2m can fall back on an extensive and high-quality network.

With the help of renowned partners, s2m is currently developing a digital online technology platform which, in a first step, enables simplified access to R&D results from university and non-university research institutions in Germany. The platform is to be equipped with artificial intelligence in the further course.




In the CleanTech area, s2m offers exclusive access to the neomorpho project - the next generation of air filtration to improve air quality (indoor and outdoor) - with the two products of the “neoCube” and the “neoButterfly”

The neoCube is small (10x10x10cm), light (400g), can be easily transported and can be used by everyone anywhere - in school, university, office, on the way on the train, bus, plane or in the hotel, in restaurants / cafés etc.

The neoButterfly is 2.40 m high x 1.80 m wide and therefore the solution for larger areas - both indoor and outdoor - such as shopping malls, (office) buildings, airports, train stations, production facilities of companies or heavily used hotspots ( CO2, particulate matter, etc.) in a city.

Both neomorpho products combine air filter technology, UVC light technology and IoT / AI platform (Big Data) in a unique way. This combination for improving air quality is new on the market. In this way, the neomorpho products transform and revolutionize the air filtering process.

Find more information at www.neomorpho.com

AgriTech / Food

Safe and high-quality food is becoming more and more important for the consumer and is an existential question in competition for companies in the food industry. In addition to increasing demands on the individual players in the food chains, from farmers to food producers, transport companies, wholesalers and retailers. Globally organized value chains are becoming more and more complex and therefore less transparent.

In that context, s2m participates in the development of mobile and stationary measuring devices for non-invasive (contactless) quality analysis of food. Thanks to a modular development concept, measurement tasks from different areas of food analysis can be implemented cost-effectively. Bacterial-based pollutants, EHEC, cabbage, dioxin, salmonella, rotten meat and impurities should be identified quickly and reliably. Consumers, food monitoring and the food industry benefit from more transparency and safety.

Weitere Informationen zur Technologieentwicklung

Building Analysis


The integrity of the concrete or prestressing steel is essential for the stability of structures. However, due to normal aging processes, this can be particularly impaired by external influences. Inadequate corrosion protection of the prestressing steel during installation increases its probability of breakage, especially if chlorides penetrate the surrounding concrete as a result of diffusion due to de-icing salts or aerosols. The consequence can be a serious break in the supporting structure of a building, especially one that occurs suddenly and without prior notice.

Through Qompass Solutions GmbH, s2m develops innovative test and analysis systems in the field of magnetic stray field measurement.

This method can be used to reliably evaluate the qualitative actual condition of the reinforcing steel reinforcement or prestressing steel reinforcement in structures.

Find more information at www.qompass-solutions.com


DADB – Deutsche Akademie für Digitale Bildung

Deutsche Akademy für digitale Bildung




As a spin-off, s2m is involved in the DADB - German Academy for Digital Education.

The academy is a provider of an innovative blended learning system with high-quality, technology-oriented learning content for higher education in emerging and developing countries.

The digital learning modules are characterized by the illustrative teaching of teaching material, including the use of AR / VR technologies, on-site shootings and apps for both the lecturer and the learner.

The technical course content focuses in particular on topics in where Germany has an explicit strength, such as Industry 4.0, artificial intelligence, automation, robotics, machine learning, renewable energies, electromobility, mechanics or electrical engineering.

Find more information at www.da-db.com


Modern TRIZ Academy by s2m


Via the ModernTRIZ Academy, s2m offers lectures, seminars, in-house training courses and online courses on the TIPS methodology, a further development of the "Theory of Inventive Problem Solving", in cooperation with recognized experts.

TRIZ - the name stands for the Russian acronym - is an analytical method that provides developers with a concentration of knowledge and experience, including a user guide, which has been proven to be suitable for generating innovative solutions to problems. TRIZ offers methodical access to global knowledge: Most tasks are not unique.

ModernTRIZ provides innovative solutions for tasks that are similar to the problem which shall be solved and whose solution methods are applicable to the own problem situation.

Find more information at www.moderntriz.de


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