"Progress lives from the exchange of knowledge."



Company for Technology Transfer

Founded in August 2015, s2m | Company for Technology Transfer displays its company’s vision in the name: “Science to Market” or, in shortened form, “s2m”. The company strives to utilize technological findings in the form of technological applications and conveys knowledge through a network of experts from science, business and politics.

The Implementation of the Company’s Vision Will Take Place with Three Different Focal Points

  • Firstly, the focus will be on merging science business and politics in order to transform inventions into innovations. In this regard, impulses can come from science, but also from the business environment.
  • Secondly, its own basic scientific research in the area of environmental and climate protection is operated with the primary goal of deepening the knowledge, but rather also with regards to the related business application and exploitation.
  • Finally, s2m offers training classes on innovation methodology in the area of the “Theory of Inventive Problem-Solving” (TIPS).

The Company s2m – Company for Technology Transfer GmbH

  • Conveyance of expert knowledge in order to prepare for joint research and development projects
  • Its own basic scientific research in the area of environmental and climate research
  • Acquisition and administrative support during the implementation of research projects
  • Organization of informational events and technically-specific workshops on the latest technological trends and research findings
  • Conducting advanced and continuing education events for institutes and companies
  • Information about promoting development and research activities


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